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Business Development Services

Successful partnerships are established when both parties objectives and business models are clearly aligned.  Most high-growth companies business development efforts fall short of their goals due to failing to clearly articulate the value for both parties and/or they lack the relationships and contacts to efficiently and effective engage a partner.

We quickly define your high priority partners and segments, ensure that your partner messaging is targeted and relevant. Then we leverage our resource network to validate the market opportunity/fit and establish revenue generating partnerships for our clients.  We typically achieve better results in half the time as compared to internal resources.  Getting a quick yes and/or no from partners is our hallmark—both have high value and ensure that you optimize your business development spend and return.
The scope of our business development services include:
  • Business development strategy and execution
  • Channel program development
  • Targeted strategic partner development
  • Exit planning and execution
Service Components
  • SWOT Analysis

  • Value Chain Analysis

  • Partner Segmentation & Prioritization

  • Value Proposition & Messaging Mapping

  • Market Testing & Validation

  • Partner Program Definition

  • Business Development Strategy

  • Partner Execution Services

Benefits & Value
  • Accelerate development of key partnerships

  • Accelerate revenue growth

  • Establish Joint Marketing and OEM relationships

  • Increase market awareness

  • Access new market and segments

  • Competitive differentiation

  • Deepen relationships with potential acquirers

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